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Rose Tyler per Episode | Bad Wolf

If the Bad Wolf is in charge of this quiz, then maybe I’m not here by mistake. Someone’s been planning this.


Movies 2013

Submarine [2013]

My mother is worried that I have mental problems. I found a book about teenage paranoid delusions during a routine search of my parents’ bedroom. After that, I started slipping certain choice phrases into our conversation.

' What makes life precious,

is that it ends. ‘

x Now that he’d said those words out loud Walt wished there was something more in that glance, some muttered refute of quasi-reassurance. This was goodbye after all, goodbye forever this time. “I love you” would certainly never pass between them but “I don’t hate you”, even muttered under breath, would more than suffice.


Jane Lockhart - Not Another Happy Ending

"He’s just like a son to me."

Aaron Paul in ‘A Long Way Down’ trailer.

I understand the facts. I know that she had reams of information about me and about my life and about the people that were close to me. And I understand that if she slipped up that she would have a completely reasonable explanation for it. And I guess to expect you to have seen past that is perhaps asking a little bit too much. But when I was over there, I thought about you. And you were just a figment of my imagination. But I held onto you, and it wasn’t reasonable, and it wasn’t logical, but I did it, so… why didn’t you? She wasn’t me. How could you not see that?


Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman at Parliament Square

make me choose » anonymous asked: Skins UK or Breaking Bad?

Benedict doing the ALS Bucket Challenge


Peter’s first read through.


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